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All COLOSSAL TITANS in History EXPLAINED! | Attack on Titan | Ancient Titans

50 Views· 08/17/23

This video explains every Colossal Titan in the Attack on Titan anime and manga. The Colossal Titan is one of 9 titan shifters in AOT and there have been several iterations of it throughout the AOT timeline. In the AOT manga we have currently seen more Colossal titans than in the anime, which has only had 2 Colossus Titan so far (Armin Arlert & Bertolt Hoover). The manga displays Colossal Titans of the future and past. This video will explain the backstory of all Colossal Titans that we know of and also comment on the design of the ancient titan.

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Wall Titans
Armin Colossal Titan
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Colossus Titan
AOT final season
AOT Season 4

In this video I’m gonna explain every Colossal Titan in the history of attack on titan, ranging from nearly 2000 years ago all the way up till the present day of the series.

Whereas the colossal titan has existed in some form for nearly 2000 years, the wall titans have only been around for 100 years, and their purpose was to defend the people of Paradis island. Karl Fritz created them using the founding titan and he designed them with the colossal in mind, hence their skinless design and nearly identical physicality.

The first colossal titan on this list is Bertolt hoover. Bertolt Hoover was an eldian born in the Liberio internment zone, where from a young age he trained to become a warrior candidate for Marley. As a child Bertolt was incredibly skilled with a rifle, with the manga showing us a scene where he was doing target practice alongside other potential candidates. Whereas Reiner missed the target completely, Bertolt repeatedly fired accurate shots, and this was the moment commander Magath promoted him to warrior candidate status. After becoming a warrior candidate, Bertolt was eventually selected to inherit the colosal titan. While some titan shifters can lose control the first time they transform, BERTOLT was noted to have mastered the colossal's power immediately. Two years later he was selected alongside Reiner, Annie and Marcel to travel to Paradis and kidnap the founding titan.

Now in terms of it’s full powers, this shifter is more than simply a gigantic titan. The hot steam emission ability is one of the main selling points of the colossal titan. This titan shifter can burn it’s own muscle mass to release steam and crank up the heat if necessary.

Furthermore, during the battle of Trost, Bertolt attacked wall rose and his titan literally disappeared in a split second, which is not something we’ve seen another shifter do. This vanishing act is linked to steam emission in some way, due to how it burns up the colossal’s muscles. On that occasion Bertolt used his ODM gear to escape after the titan vanished.

Moving over to this titans most famous ability besides its size, the colossal can generate an almost city destroying explosion upon transformation. By releasing the full strength of the explosion, Bertolt wiped out a good chunk of Shiganshina, killing countless side characters and nearly Hange in the process.

In terms of design, the colossal titan lacks any skin.

When Armin used the colossal, he worked with Eren to defend Paradis island against Marley’s survey ships. His main feat of power in the anime so far was when they actually went to attack Marley, as he used the colossal explosion to obliterate the port, sending warships flying in the process.

In chapter 138 of attack on titan, we got the surprise appearance of another colossal titan, only this time there was a twist. Unlike the colossal titans of the past, this one was a brand new version created by Eren, so that he could take on colossal Armin in a fist fight. Eren’s version was distinctive from any other we’ve seen, due to the fact it had a full head of hair and hardened fists. Just like how Karl Fritz used the power to make millions of wall titans, Eren simply turned himself into a colossal to have this final battle. This encounter was probably the first and only time in history when two colossal fought in hand to hand combat and I think we can agree that eren was the winner before Mikasa intervened.

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