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FUNNIEST MOMENTS IN VALORANT #145... #funny #Fails , Iron Plays and Best Voice Chat Moments in a #valorant Montage / Compilation

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#Valorant #ValorantMoments #valorantmontage

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Mix & master : TA J
MV Video BY : ໂທນີ້ ສະຕິຕືດ

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#STS73 #ເຈົ້າບໍ່ສົນໃຈ #เธอไม่สนใจ #NoCare

BEAT PROD BY : @saleekapapa
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Read or Download:<br />Download Pig Pigger Piggest PDF Online

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This video explains every Colossal Titan in the Attack on Titan anime and manga. The Colossal Titan is one of 9 titan shifters in AOT and there have been several iterations of it throughout the AOT timeline. In the AOT manga we have currently seen more Colossal titans than in the anime, which has only had 2 Colossus Titan so far (Armin Arlert & Bertolt Hoover). The manga displays Colossal Titans of the future and past. This video will explain the backstory of all Colossal Titans that we know of and also comment on the design of the ancient titan.

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AOT panel colourings:

Attack on Titan the final season
Armin Arlert
Wall Titans
Armin Colossal Titan
Eren Colossal Titan
Colossus Titan
AOT final season
AOT Season 4

In this video I’m gonna explain every Colossal Titan in the history of attack on titan, ranging from nearly 2000 years ago all the way up till the present day of the series.

Whereas the colossal titan has existed in some form for nearly 2000 years, the wall titans have only been around for 100 years, and their purpose was to defend the people of Paradis island. Karl Fritz created them using the founding titan and he designed them with the colossal in mind, hence their skinless design and nearly identical physicality.

The first colossal titan on this list is Bertolt hoover. Bertolt Hoover was an eldian born in the Liberio internment zone, where from a young age he trained to become a warrior candidate for Marley. As a child Bertolt was incredibly skilled with a rifle, with the manga showing us a scene where he was doing target practice alongside other potential candidates. Whereas Reiner missed the target completely, Bertolt repeatedly fired accurate shots, and this was the moment commander Magath promoted him to warrior candidate status. After becoming a warrior candidate, Bertolt was eventually selected to inherit the colosal titan. While some titan shifters can lose control the first time they transform, BERTOLT was noted to have mastered the colossal's power immediately. Two years later he was selected alongside Reiner, Annie and Marcel to travel to Paradis and kidnap the founding titan.

Now in terms of it’s full powers, this shifter is more than simply a gigantic titan. The hot steam emission ability is one of the main selling points of the colossal titan. This titan shifter can burn it’s own muscle mass to release steam and crank up the heat if necessary.

Furthermore, during the battle of Trost, Bertolt attacked wall rose and his titan literally disappeared in a split second, which is not something we’ve seen another shifter do. This vanishing act is linked to steam emission in some way, due to how it burns up the colossal’s muscles. On that occasion Bertolt used his ODM gear to escape after the titan vanished.

Moving over to this titans most famous ability besides its size, the colossal can generate an almost city destroying explosion upon transformation. By releasing the full strength of the explosion, Bertolt wiped out a good chunk of Shiganshina, killing countless side characters and nearly Hange in the process.

In terms of design, the colossal titan lacks any skin.

When Armin used the colossal, he worked with Eren to defend Paradis island against Marley’s survey ships. His main feat of power in the anime so far was when they actually went to attack Marley, as he used the colossal explosion to obliterate the port, sending warships flying in the process.

In chapter 138 of attack on titan, we got the surprise appearance of another colossal titan, only this time there was a twist. Unlike the colossal titans of the past, this one was a brand new version created by Eren, so that he could take on colossal Armin in a fist fight. Eren’s version was distinctive from any other we’ve seen, due to the fact it had a full head of hair and hardened fists. Just like how Karl Fritz used the power to make millions of wall titans, Eren simply turned himself into a colossal to have this final battle. This encounter was probably the first and only time in history when two colossal fought in hand to hand combat and I think we can agree that eren was the winner before Mikasa intervened.

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Relive the best action as the drivers battled for pole under the lights in Bahrain.

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This fun and action-packed Tokyo 4 day itinerary will show you some of the newest and coolest attractions that you have to your Japan trip. This is everything you’ve been missing out on over the last few years!

The city of lights is our absolute favourite place in the world, everything from the delicious food to the hottest new sighs you have to include in your itinerary - allow us to guide you through the best things to do in Tokyo.

Our Tokyo 4 days itinerary will take you to the best digital art exhibit in the world - TeamLab Planets, all the new attractions in Shibuya (including Shibuya Sky), Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, Sensoji Temple and Asakusa, Akihabara and day trips from Tokyo.

This ultimate Tokyo travel guide will hardly give you much breathing time, but then again, who needs to breathe when you’re in Japan? You’ve only got 4 days, so soak it all in, make the most of your time and catch up on sleep when you’re back at home.

You’ll definitely be back to explore more because nobody only comes to Japan once!

Find all the new Tokyo attractions & activities we did on Klook:


#TokyoItinerary #TokyoTravelGuide #JapanTravelGuide

0:00 Intro
0:20 TeamLab Planets
1:24 Shibuya
3:30 Harajuku
4:06 RED Tokyo Tower
4:34 Tokyo Tower
4:52 Happy Pancake
5:20 Tokyo Art Aquarium
5:53 Ninja Restaurant
6:31 Pokemon Room
7:13 Tokyo Day Trips
8:57 Sensoji Temple
9:23 Ninja Cafe
9:45 Kura Sushi
10:10 Akihabara
10:43 Outro


👉 The Ultimate 3 Day Kyoto Itinerary

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Emily Blunt Adorable Speech On Her Husband 😍🫶

Watch Full Video Here

#emilyblunt #johnkrasinski #entertainment

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Entertainment Ki Raat Housefull | एंटरटेनमेंट की रात हाउसफुल | Episode 38 | 23 May 2023

In today's episode, two teams will take up the challenge to climb a slippery slope to get the flags. And at the end, the team that can put up the most flags will be the winner. Which team will be the conqueror?

Gear up for unlimited entertainment filled with surprising twists. Watch your favourite celebs play fun games in this cracker of a show!

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Back to School | Going To School Song | kids cartoon - Baby Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Songs For Kids
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Baby Shark Doo doo doo -

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0:00 新時代
3:48 私は最強
8:07 逆光
12:09 ウタカタララバイ
15:07 世界のつづき
19:54 トットムジカ
23:10 風のゆくえ



新時代はこの未来だ世界中全部 変えてしまえば 変えてしまえば…
ジャマモノ やなもの なんて消してこの世とメタモルフォーゼしようぜミュージック キミが起こす マジック
Do you wanna play? リアルゲーム ギリギリ綱渡りみたいな旋律 認めない戻れない忘れたい夢の中に居させて I wanna be free見えるよ新時代が 世界の向こうへさあ行くよ NewWorld
新時代はこの未来だ世界中全部 変えてしまえば 変えてしまえば果てしない音楽がもっと届くように夢は見ないわ キミが話した 「ボクを信じて」
あれこれいらないものは消してリアルをカラフルに越えようぜミュージック 今始まる ライジング
Do you wanna play? リアルゲーム ギリギリ綱渡りみたいな運命 認めない戻れない忘れたい夢の中に居させて I wanna be free見えるよ新時代が 世界の向こうへさあ行くよ NewWorld
信じたいわ この未来を世界中全部 変えてしまえば 変えてしまえば果てしない音楽がもっと届くように夢を見せるよ 夢を見せるよ 新時代だ

さぁ、怖くはない不安はない私の夢は みんなの願い歌唄えば ココロ晴れる大丈夫よ 私は最強
私の声が小鳥を空へ運ぶ靡いた服も踊り子みたいでさあなたの声が私を奮い立たせるトゲが刺さってしまったなら ほらほらおいで
見たことない 新しい景色絶対に観れるのなぜならば生きてるんだ今日も
さぁ、握る手と手ヒカリの方へみんなの夢は 私の幸せあぁ、きっとどこにもない アナタしか持ってないその温もりで 私は最強
無理はちょっとしてでも花に水はあげたいわそうやっぱ したいことしなきゃ腐るでしょう? 期待には応えるの
いつか来るだろう 素晴らしき時代今はただ待ってる 誰かをね繰り返してる 傷ましい苦味火を灯す準備は出来てるの?いざ行かん 最高峰
さぁ、怖くはない?不安はない?私の思いは 皆んなには重い?歌唄えば 霧も晴れる見事なまでに 私は最恐
さぁ、握る手と手ヒカリの方へみんなの夢は 私の願いきっとどこにもない アナタしか持ってないその弱さが 照らすの
最愛の日々忘れぬ誓いいつかの夢が 私の心臓何度でも 何度でも 言うわ「私は最強」


ひとりぼっちには飽き飽きなの繋がっていたいの純真無垢な想いのまま Loud out
Listen up baby 消えない染みのようなハピネス君の耳の奥へホーミング 逃げちゃダメよ浴びて他の追随許さないウタの綴るサプライズリアルなんて要らないよね?後で気付いたってもう遅い入れてあげないんだから手間取らせないで Be my good boys & girls
誤魔化して強がらないでもうほら早くこっちおいで全てが楽しいこのステージ上 一緒に歌おうよ
I wanna make your day, Do my thing 堂々とねえ教えて何がいけないの?この場はユートピア だって望み通りでしょ?突発的な泡沫なんて言わせない慈悲深いがゆえ灼たか もう止まれないないものねだりじゃないこの願い
I wanna know 君が欲しいもの本心も気付かせてあげるよ見返りなんて要らない あり得ないただ一緒にいて? True heartOh my “F” word
全身がふわふわっと不安などシャットアウト ~Bye~半端ない数多のファンサは愛ずっと終わらない You & I ここにいる限りTrust me 超楽しい That’s all心奪われてうっとりと道理もなくなってしまうほど渇望させちゃう一抜けも二抜けもさせない させない︕I got a mic so you crazy for me forever
迷わないで手招くメロディーとビートに身を任せて全てが新しいこのステージ上 一緒に踊ろうよ
I wanna make your day, Do my thing 堂々とねえ教えて何がいけないの?この場はユートピア だって望み通りでしょ?突発的な泡沫なんて言わせない慈悲深いがゆえ灼たか もう止まれないないものねだりじゃないこの願い
この時代は悲鳴を奏で救いを求めていたの誰も気付いてあげられなかったからわたしがやらなきゃ だから邪魔しないで お願い…もう戻れないの だから永遠に一緒に歌おうよ
直に脳を揺らすベース 鼓膜ぶち破るドラム心の臓撫でるブラス ピアノ マカフェリ五月雨な譜割りで Shout out! Doo wop wop waaah!欺きや洗脳 お呼びじゃないただ信じて願い歌うわたしから耳を離さないでそれだけでいい Hear my true voice

どうして あの日遊んだ海のにおいはどうして すぎる季節に消えてしまうの
信じられる? 信じられる?あの星あかりを 海の広さを
信じられる? 信じられるかい?朝を待つ この羽に吹く追い風の いざなう空を
どうして かわることなく見えた笑顔はどうして よせる波に隠れてしまうの
信じてみる 信じてみるこの路の果てで 手を振る君を
信じてみる 信じてみるんだこの歌は 私の歌とやがて会う 君の呼ぶ声と
あの星あかりを 海の広さを信じてみる 信じられる夢のつづきで また会いましょう暁の輝く今日に
信じられる? 信じられる?あの星あかりを 海の広さを信じられる 信じられる夢のつづきで 共に生きよう暁の輝く今日に

雨打つ心 彷徨う何処枯れ果てず湧く願いと涙解き放つ呪を紡ぐ言の葉
祈りの間で惑う唯 海の凪ぐ未来を乞う
その傲岸無礼な慟哭を惰性なき愁いには忘却をさあ 混沌の時代には終止符をいざ無礙に Blah blah blah!無条件 絶対 激昂なら Singing the song如何せん罵詈雑言でも Singing the song有象無象の Big Bang 慈しみ深く怒れ 集え 謳え 破滅の譜を
誓い立てし自由 手にして謳歌平伏されたる救世主
その身が尽きるまで奏でよ夢見うつつ崇めよ全てを照らし出す光をいざ無礙に Blah blah blah!
その傲岸無礼な慟哭を残響激励すら忘却をさあ混沌の時代には終止符をいざ無礙に Blah blah blah!無条件 絶対 激昂なら Singing the song如何せん罵詈雑言でも Singing the song有象無象の Big Bang 慈しみ深く怒れ集え 謳え 破滅の譜を

この風は どこからきたのと問いかけても 空は何も言わない
この歌は どこへ辿り着くの見つけたいよ 自分だけの答えをまだ知らない海の果てへと 漕ぎ出そう
ただひとつの夢 決して譲れない心に帆を掲げて 願いのまま進めいつだって あなたへ 届くように 歌うわ大海原を駆ける 新しい風になれ
それぞれに 幸せを目指し傷ついても それでも 手を伸ばすよ
悲しみも強さに変わるなら荒れ狂う嵐も越えていけるはず信じるその旅の果てで また 会いたい
目覚めたまま見る夢 決して醒めはしない水平線の彼方 その影に手を振るよいつまでも あなたへ 届くように 歌うわ大きく広げた帆が 纏う 青い風になれ
ただひとつの夢 誰も奪えない私が消え去っても 歌は響き続けるどこまでも あなたへ 届くように 歌うわ大海原を駆ける 新しい風になれ

Tot Musica


#ワンピース フィルム レッド

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Arry Wibowo dikenal publik sebagai Lawyer Comic. Mengapa demikian? Karena memang di sela-sela pekerjaannya sebagai pengacara, Arry juga aktif menjadi seorang comic. <br /> <br />Hal itu pun ditandai dengan keikutsertaannya dalam ajang Stand Up Comedy Indonesia musim kedua. <br /> <br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />SUCI 9 akan kembali lagi untuk menemani para pecinta setia Stand Up Comedy Indonesia, setelah vakum selama 1 tahun. <br /> <br />Sambil menunggu hadirnya SUCI 9 di layar kaca, tim KompasTV akan menampilkan kembali video-video yang menarik sekaligus mengundang tawa para penonton Stand Up Comedy. <br /> <br />SUCI akan bernostalgia melalui tayangan video dari SUCI 1 sampai SUCI 8. <br /> <br />Tentunya dengan penampilan dari komika-komika ternama, yang pada waktu itu sedang merintis karier mereka. <br /> <br />Untuk para pecinta SUCI yang mau request upload, silakan tinggalkan komen di bawah ya. <br /> <br />Follow Stand Up Comedy KompasTV di Instagram: @sucikompastv untuk tahu informasi-informasi terupdate Stand Up Comedy Kompas TV, termasuk jadwal audisi. <br /> <br />#ArryWibowo #SUCI #StandUpComedy <br /> <br />

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Sakdiyah Maruf merupakan salah seorang kontestan di Stand Up Comedy Indonesia season 1 (SUCI 1) dan dikenal sebagai "perempuan komedian tunggal berhijab pertama dari Indonesia". <br /> <br />Lewat komedi, ia menyuarakan kegelisahannya tentang isu kekerasan terhadap perempuan dan radikalisme. <br /> <br />Aksi itu mengantarkan Sakdiyah mendapatkan penghargaan internasional sebagai orang yang berpengaruh. <br /> <br />Berikut ini adalah audisi stand up comedy Sakdiyah tahun 2011. Oh ya, video ini bukan reupload ya, tapi memang belum pernah kami upload. <br /> <br />Show dari Sakdiyah manakah yang menjadi favorit kamu? <br /> <br />Stand Up Comedy Indonesia, Let's Make Laugh! <br /> <br />-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />Follow dan subscribe: <br /> <br />Instagram @sucikompastv <br /> <br />Twitter @miminwashere <br /> <br />Facebook @standupkompastv <br /> <br />YouTube Stand Up Kompas TV <br /> <br />Website <br /> <br />#Sakdiyah #SUCI1 #StandUpComedy <br /> <br />

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Une réponse au thread Twitter de PerseusLeGrand que vous pourrez retrouver ici :

Réseaux sociaux :
YT :
IG :
FB :

Soutenez ARCHITEKTON via le financement participatif : (de préférence)

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Novak Djokovic ultimate footwork!!

#Court Level View

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50% off unlimited languages with a Lifetime Subscription through Rosetta Stone:

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Welcome back to Japan, this time for our Flying the Nest Expeditions, taking 24 incredible travellers from around the world to see one of our favourite countries in the entire world. Here we have a 10 day itinerary from Tokyo to Kyoto and ending in Osaka.

#japantravel #familytravel #travel

#rosettastone #rosettastonepartner

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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, a traveling family who spent 2020 self-converting a van before moving in full-time to drive around our home country of Australia. We have now completed our lap, said our goodbyes, and resumed full-time travel before we wait for our second baby to arrive.

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김재환 (KIM JAE HWAN) - 개이득 (Feat. BOBBY) MV Teaser

KIM JAE HWAN 6th Mini Album [J.A.M] MV Teaser 📀Release 2023.06.20 (TUE)6PM


29 Views · 1 year ago


0:00 日本語 
0:42 中国語
2:32 英語
5:50 ドイツ語
10:04 スペイン語
16:31 フランス語
20:31 イタリア語
21:42 ポルトガル語
22:24 アラビア語
22:43 ロシア語
22:48 セルビア語

ノバク・ジョコビッチ(Novak Đoković, セルビア語: Sr Novak Djokovic.ogg Новак Ђоковић, 1987年5月22日 - )は、セルビア・ベオグラード出身の男子プロテニス選手。ATPランキング自己最高位はシングルス1位、ダブルス114位。ATPツアーでシングルス82勝、ダブルス1勝。身長188cm、体重77kg。右利き、バックハンド・ストロークは両手打ち。愛称はノール(Nole)。



全豪オープン:9勝(2008, 11-13, 15-16, 19-21年)
ウィンブルドン:5勝(2011, 14-15, 18-19年)
全米オープン:3勝(2011, 15, 18年)

ATP最優秀選手賞(2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2018)
ITFワールドチャンピオン(2011-2015, 2018)
ローレウス世界スポーツ賞(2012, 2015, 2016, 2019)
ESPY最優秀選手賞(2012, 2013)
アーサー・アッシュ ヒューマニタリアン賞(2012)
セルビア最優秀アスリート賞(2007, 2010-2011)
ATP Most Improved Player(2006, 2007)

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Relaxing Music For Stress Relief, Forest Birdsong Nature Sounds - Deep Healing Music for The Body

Music to sleep deeply and rest the mind, relaxing and calm music to sleep.
To stay calm and relieve stress after a hard day at work, turn on soothing music. By listening to relaxing music, you can reduce stress hormones in the body. It helps the body fight the symptoms of prolonged stress.
We are a music label that does everything possible to help you feel calmer and happier with music. Music has no barriers, so no matter who you are or where you come from, these beautiful beats are made for you. Join the journey to find your inner peace and brighten your day.
#helios4K #relax #sleepmusic

🌄 Music by Helios Records:

🌞 For contact and submit music:

©️ All content on Beautiful World 4K is protected by copyright
© All music and videos are produced by us and are copyrighted
✔ All rights belong to their respective owners

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YENA, ‘WithOrWithOut’
YENA returned as a game hero to save everyone from the hot summer with her 2nd mini-album “SMARTPHONE”.
As a powerful rock genre song, “WithOrWithOut” describes the subtle and detailed emotions of growing distant from a close friend.

Expressed through YENA’s eyes, “SMARTPHONE” is a pop rock song about how smartphones have become a friend in people’s daily lives.

최예나, ‘WithOrWithOut’
YENA(최예나)가 두 번째 미니 앨범 [SMARTPHONE]을 통해 한여름 무더위에 지친 모두를 구할 ‘게임 히어로’로 돌아온다.
‘WithOrWithOut’은 강하고 파워풀한 YENA의 음악을 느낄 수 있는 Rock 장르의 곡으로 항상 함께 했던 친구와 소원해지는 과정에서 느끼는 미묘하고 섬세한 감정을 표현했다.

‘SMARTPHONE’은 에너제틱한 드럼 비트와 전자베이스 사운드에 신나는 보컬이 만난 업비트 팝 록 장르로 스마트폰이 일상이자 친구가 되어버린 현시대를 YENA의 시선으로 표현했다.

#YENA #WithOrWithOut #SMARTPHONE #최예나 #윗올윗아웃 #스마트폰

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Importance Of Nitric Oxide ( NO ) For Human Body | This Nobel Laureate Urges You to Learn About It<br /><br /><br />Dr. Ignarro is a medical research scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his breakthrough discovery of Nitric Oxide (NO), and how it positively impacts health and longevity. His groundbreaking research on nitric oxide paved the way for—among other innovations—Viagra. Nitric oxide is currently being utilized all over by hospitals and universities as possible treatment for COVID-19. He is an award-winning Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and has his PhD in Pharmacology with over 35 years of experience teaching.  Dr. Ignarro is a widely sought-after international speaker on nitric oxide, cardiovascular health, and the importance of nitric oxide to a healthy lifestyle. Based on his scientific work, Dr. Ignarro started a biotech company that focuses on the development of nutritional supplements designed to boost the body’s production of nitric oxide.<br /><br />Video Courtesy : - Dhru Purohit & Random42 Scientific Communication<br /><br />#GhareluNusskhein #SwadeshiChikitsa #Ayurveda #jointpain #KneePain #Heelpain #weightloss #Fatloss #Vat #Pitt #Kaf #HeartAttack #homeremedies #diabetes #highBP #LowBP #Chloestrol #HeartProblems #Inchloss #homeremedies<br />#hometreatments #naturalremedies #naturaltreatments #upchar #Upaye #naturopathy#ghareluUpchar #ayurvedictreatments #swasth #sehat #health&fitness #healthylifestyle #healthbenefits #thyroid #cold #cough #fever #skinproblems<br /><br />|| V - PRO || @ Vpdsnagpur<br /><br />The Health , Wellness & Motivational Channel !!<br /><br />Our goal is to help people relax and meditate, to give rest from the semantic tense way of life to lead to peace harmony and love with oneself and nature !!<br /><br />Share This Video With Your Family & Friends ! If You Enjoyed This Video Please..<br /><br />|| Like || Comment || || Subscribe || <br /><br />This Channel ✔️<br /><br />#Vinod Samseriya #V-PRO #WeightLoss<br />#Vpdsnagpur #Vpds #Meditation&Relaxation <br />#Music #Soul #Meditation #Healing #FatLoss<br />#RelaxingMind #Relaxation #FlatBelly<br />#Health #Yog #Yoga #Mind #Body <br />#FlatStomach<br />#Healing #SelfControl #SelfHealing <br />#Fitness #Happiness #Anxiety <br />#Depression #Nature #NaturalHealing <br />#Heal #HealthTips #FitnessMantra #BalanceDiet <br /> #LifeStyle #Wellness #Stress<br />#Love Handles #Vpro@vpdsnagpur

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Hey everyone, it's your friend Thinknoodles, and welcome to my YouTube channel! Join me, my dog Kopi and other friends on our adventures in gaming. Here, you can find all kinds of family-friendly gaming videos and shorts. I play lots of different games from Roblox DOORS, to Poppy Playtime, PROJECT: PLAYTIME and Granny. I also play mobile games, indie games and more!

Noodle on, Noodlers!

#shorts #thinknoodles #robloxdoors

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【アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ】
「悠久星涼」MV 3D





【デレステ DMM GAMES版公式サイトはこちら】

【デレステ 公式Twitterアカウントはこちら】

#デレステ #シンデレラガールズ


= = = = = = = = = = =
【アイドルマスター関連グッズ情報はこちらから!- アソビストア】
= = = = = = = = = = =

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ไม่ชอบเป็นเพื่อนเธอ (Feel Fan)
Artists : Net & JamesSu
Composed,Arranged & Producer : เอฟู ณรงค์ศักดิ์ ศรีบรรฎาศักดิ์วัชรากรณ์
Written & Lyric Producer : ก๊อป โปสการ์ด ธานี วงศ์นิวัติขจร
Lyric Rap : Diary RedSpin ปีระกา วงศ์นิวัติขจร
Chorus & Vocal Design : AFU
Mixed & Mastered : AFU DemoLab.CAC
Music Production : DemoLab


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Your outfits can be very versatile and combinable, depending on each occasion and circumstance, so today we will show you the various characteristics of your outfits so you know how you can put together a beautiful outfit.<br /><br />If you like our content, do not forget to follow us:<br />► Facebook:<br />► Instagram:<br />► Tik Tok:<br />► DailyMotion:<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />#makeup #beauty #fashion #makeupartist #hair #makeuptutorial

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Artist : Billkin

Executive Producer : Supol Phuasirirak
Producer : THE TOYS
Lyrics : THE TOYS
Composer :THE TOYS
Arranged : THE TOYS
Mixed & Mastered by : THE TOYS
Dolby Atmos Mixed (Apple Music) by : Danuphop Kamol at Mixphere Studio

Musicians :
Guitar : THE TOYS
Piano : Janpat Montrelerdrasme
Drums : Save Patchaya
Backing Vocal Arranged and Performed by : Julian Cary
Vocal Directed by : Supol Phuasirirak, Julian Cary
Digital Edited by : THE TOYS , Korn Mahadumrongkul
Sound Engineer : Sutthipat Kunakorn, Thitikorn Roymanee
Recording at : Studio 28


Streaming & Download :


[Billkin Entertainment Official]



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김재환 (KIM JAE HWAN) - 개이득 (Feat. BOBBY) MV

김재환 6th MINI ALBUM [ J.A.M ]
또 다른 꿈을 위해 새롭게 떠나는 김재환의 재밌는 음악 여정
김재환의 J.A.M 있는 시도, J.A.M 있는 변신
김재환의 새로운 에피소드를 담아낼 6번째 미니앨범 [J.A.M] (Journey Above Music)

어릴 적부터 한결같은 마음으로 뮤지션을 꿈꿔온 김재환.
만능 뮤지션으로 자리매김하며 그 꿈을 이룬 지금, 보다 다양한 음악들을 경험하며 한 단계 더 성장하기 위한 음악 그 이상을 향한 새로운 여정(Journey Above Music)을 떠난다.
한층 더 넓어진 음악적 스펙트럼과 퀄리티 높은 라이브 실력을 유감없이 선보이며 수많은 리스너들을 매료시키고 있는 가수 김재환이 지난 3월 싱글 앨범 [봄바람] 발매 이후, 약 3개월 만에 여섯 번째 미니앨범 [J.A.M]으로 돌아왔다.
타이틀곡 ‘개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)’을 포함하여 ‘나의 바다’, ‘샴페인’, ‘잠이나 잘래’, ‘Daylight’ 5곡의 신곡과 앞서 발매된 싱글 ‘봄바람’까지 총 6곡이 수록되어 있는 이번 6집 미니앨범 ‘J.A.M’은 펑키 댄스, 뉴잭 스윙댄스, 펑크, R&B 등 다양한 장르의 음악을 통해 시원하고 청량하고 신나는 여름 특유의 분위기를 담았다.
김재환의 여섯 번째 미니앨범 [J.A.M]은 Journey Above Music의 약자로, ‘음악 그 이상을 향한 새로운 여정’이라는 의미를 담고 있다. 꿈을 이룬 지금도 아직 경험하지 못하고, 궁금하고, 해보고 싶은 음악들이 수없이 많기에 새로운 여정을 통해 더 많은 것을 배우고 더 나은 모습을 위해 앞으로 나아가고자 한다. 김재환은 이번 새로운 음악 여정을 시작으로 앞으로 보다 많은 것을 시도하고 경험하면서 새롭게 접하게 되는 음악과 감정, 그리고 또 다른 열정들을 차곡차곡 채워가려 한다.
김재환은 이번 앨범 [J.A.M을 통해 꾸밈없는 ‘김재환’의 모습을 담아내기 위해 어린 시절처럼 있는 그대로 느끼고 즐기며, 이번 여정을 통해 경험하는 모든 것들을 새로운 모습과 새로운 음악에 담아내기 위해 노력했다.
특히 그동안의 앨범과는 다르게 다채로운 컬러감과 키드코어적인 분위기가 돋보이는 컨셉 사진에서는 장난꾸러기 같은 자유분방한 분위기를 김재환만의 세련되고 힙한 느낌으로 풀어내 더욱 눈길을 끈다.

Title Song. “개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)”
6집 미니앨범 [J.A.M]의 타이틀곡 ‘개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)‘은 지금까지 선보였던 김재환의 음악과는 180도 다른 분위기와 속이 뻥 뚫릴 만큼 시원하고 파워풀한 김재환의 보컬, 한 번만 들어도 흥얼거릴 만큼 중독적인 멜로디를 지닌 강렬한 곡이다.
’개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)‘은 신나는 베이스 리프를 기반으로 한 펑키리듬과 기타 리프가 어우러진 펑키 댄스곡으로, 근심 걱정 다 던져버리고 신나게 이 순간을 즐기자는 위트 있고 개성 넘치는 가사에 거침없고 시원한 김재환의 보컬, 명실상부 최고의 래퍼 BOBBY의 그루브한 랩이 어우러져 더욱 신나는 분위기를 자아낸다.
'개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)' MV에서는 일상 속 엉뚱한 상황에서 행운의 네잎클로버를 발견하는 것처럼, 예기치 않은 행운과의 만남들을 담은 스토리와 다채로운 색감이 느껴지는 영상을 통해 곡의 키치하고 유쾌한 분위기를 감각적으로 표현했다.

Track List

01. 개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)
Lyrics by_ 이단옆차기, EASTWEST, 우태운, JUNZO, 화이트99, BOBBY
Composed by_ 이단옆차기, EASTWEST, 우태운, JUNZO
Arranged by_ 이단옆차기, EASTWEST, JUNZO, 우태운

Chorus by_ 함준석, 우태운 / Bass by_ 박현용 / Synth by_ 함준석 / Guitar by_ 조우람

Digital Edited by_ BULL$EYE
Recorded by_ 안지균 @ SWING STUDIO
Mixed by_ 구종필 @ KLANG STUDIO
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

“근심 따윈 던져 버리고 느낌이 가는 대로 다 떨쳐버린 채로 아싸 개이득”
’개이득 (Feat. BOBBY)‘은 신나는 베이스 리프를 기반으로 한 펑키리듬과 기타 리프가 어우러진 펑키 댄스곡으로, 근심 걱정 다 던져버리고 신나게 이 순간을 즐기자는 위트 있고 개성 넘치는 가사에 거침없고 시원한 김재환의 보컬, 명실상부 최고의 래퍼 BOBBY의 그루브한 랩이 어우러져 더욱 신나는 분위기를 자아낸다.

02. 나의 바다
Lyrics by_ HYMAX, Limzy, ZV63
Composed by_ HYMAX, 홍di, Limzy, ZV63
Arranged by_ HYMAX, 홍di

Chorus by_ Limzy / Drum by_ HYMAX / Bass by_ HYMAX / Synth by_ 홍di / Keyboard by_ 홍di

Vocals Directed by_ Limzy
Digital Edited by_ Limzy
Recorded by_ 안지균 @ SWING STUDIO
Mixed by_ HYMAX @ 3F Studio
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

“You are so beautiful 오늘도 아름다운 나의 바다야”
‘나의 바다’는 뉴잭스윙 기반의 여름 댄스곡으로, 시원하게 펼쳐지는 도입부의 신스리드 라인과 김재환의 청량한 보컬이 더해져 시원한 여름 바다 내음이 물씬 느껴진다. 사랑하는 연인을 바다에 비유해 시원한 바다와 영원히 함께 하고 싶다는 메시지를 담은 가사가 설렘을 안겨주는 곡이다.

03. 샴페인
Lyrics by_ Ondine(AVEC), 희연(AVEC)
Composed by_ yuka(AVEC), Ondine(AVEC), 희연(AVEC), 그린(AVEC)
Arranged by_ yuka(AVEC)

Chorus by_ LEY / Bass by_ 김가영 / Synth by_ 김가영 / Guitar by_ 정다운, 김도훈

Digital Edited by_ Ondine, 희연
Recorded by_ 김지현 @ BPM Studio
Mixed by_ 조씨아저씨 @ JoeLab
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

“Sip the champagne!”
‘샴페인‘은 리드미컬한 베이스와 기타 리프가 인상적인 펑크곡으로 음악과 춤, 그리고 달콤한 샴페인으로 가득한 파티의 한 장면을 연상시킨다. 어떠한 고민이나 걱정 없이 오늘이 영원할 것처럼 이 파티를 즐기자는 노랫말과 김재환의 파워풀한 보컬이 더해져 톡 쏘는 듯한 에너지를 전달한다.

04. 잠이나 잘래
Lyrics by_ 서용배, 박현규
Composed by_ 서용배, 박현규
Arranged by_ 서용배, Inf

Chorus by_ 박현규 / Bass by_ 서용배 / Guitar by_ Inf / Drum Programing by_ 서용배

Recorded by_ 안지균 @ SWING STUDIO
Mixed by_ 조씨아저씨 @ JoeLab
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

“이럴 바엔 그냥 잠이나 잘래”
‘잠이나 잘래’는 trap 비트 기반의 R&B 곡으로, 간주 부분의 브라스 연주와 김재환의 감미로운 보컬의 조화가 곡의 매력을 한층 배가시킨다. 스트레스를 받으면 그냥 잠들어버리고 싶은 마음을 연인 관계에 비유해 끝없는 말다툼을 뒤로하고 모두 잊기 위해 잠들어본다는 내용으로 표현한 가사가 인상적이다.

05. Daylight
Lyrics by_ 이단옆차기, JUNZO, 화이트99
Composed by_ 이단옆차기, JUNZO
Arranged by_ 이단옆차기, JUNZO

Chorus by_ 김재환 / Bass by_ 조우람 / Guitar by_ 조우람 / EP by_ 함준석

Digital Edited by_ 문수정
Recorded by_ 안지균 @ SWING STUDIO
Mixed by_ 조준성 @ Wsound
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

"너와 나 같이 그려가는 Everyday, 환하게 빛날 거야"
'Daylight'은 편안한 EP 사운드와 그루브한 리듬이 어우러진 R&B/Soul 곡으로, 미니멀한 트랙에 감미로운 김재환의 보컬이 만나 환하고 따뜻한 햇살이 떠오르게 한다. 사랑하는 사람과 언제까지나 함께 하겠다는 약속을 가사에 담았다.
06. 봄바람
Lyrics by_ 서용배, 박현규
Composed by_ 서용배, 박현규
Arranged by_ 서용배

Chorus by_ 박현규, 김재환 / Bass by_ 서용배 / Guitar by_ Inf / Drum Programing by_ 서용배

Recorded by_ 안지균 @ SWING STUDIO
Mixed by_ 조씨아저씨 @ JoeLab
Mastered by_ 권남우 @ 821 Sound

“아스라이 코끝을 스친 봄바람 어렴풋이 옛 향기가 생각나는 밤”
‘봄바람’은 레트로한 포크락에 트렌디한 emo trap을 가미한 contemporary pop 장르의 곡으로, 휘파람 소리로 시작하는 인상적인 도입부와 포크락의 레트로한 느낌, 트렌디한 트랩이 조화를 이루며 중독적인 멜로디를 선사한다. 봄의 향수를 자극하는 가사에 애절한 보컬이 더해져 봄이 오면 떠오르는 지난 추억과 그로 인해 또다시 깊어지는 그리움을 표현했다.


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Not only did he headline Coachella, but Kendrick Lamar just announced his DAMN. tour with D.R.A.M. and Travis Scott!

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3 Indian Animated Channel😍|| #shorts #viral
@RGBucketList @AngryPrashReal @Lilyash @NOTYOURTYPE @Krishna_bro09 @KirtiChow @MakeJokeOf

#ytshorts #shortscreator #indianyoutuber
#rgbucketlist #angryprash #lilyash #animation #animationvideo

Indian Animation Channel
Rg Bucket list
Lil Yash
Angry Prash
Make Joke Of
Indian Animated Vedio
Animated Channel

Vedio Credit :-
@RGBucketList @Lilyash @AngryPrashReal
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FIRST LOVE (Part-2) | Official trailer |@KirtiChow

Mature Ft. School memories

Siblings Problems 2 - Hardtoonz | hindi animation storytime @RGBucketList


The Last Day of School ft. Indian Vacation @RGBucketList

Big Dreams ft. Parents @KirtiChow @RIYAGOGOI

Rachitroo Finally Reacts To @RGBucketList and @Hardtoonz22  and Other ANIMATORS

◉ Disclaimer
Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use

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In this video, Steve analyzes the classic golf swings of Billy Casper and Gay Brewer, particularly their hip action and footwork.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, smash factor, reduce effort, and have more FUN!
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Skibidi Toilet Vs RAINBOW FRIENDS Cute Baby - Rainbow Friends Animation | KUDO Rainbow Friends
We do 2D animation about Garten Of Banban vs Rainbow Friends
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Watch more animation story right now!
► See More:
Garten Of Banban Animation:
Garten Of Banban Love Story:
Garten Of Banban Story:
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#rainbowfriends2 #skibiditoilet #KUDOrainbowfriends

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Travel Vlog where I got to stay at The Four Seasons in Oahu, Hawaii. Visited Paradise Cove and Secret Beach. Coral Crater Zipline Tours. Sea Turtle Snorkeling. Just a little recap of my experience in Hawaii hope you enjoy. Ate at Noe, Minas Fish House, The Monkey pod & Off the Hook. (:

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#テニス #ナダル #アルカラス


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Mick Jagger goes Out Of Control

The Rolling Stones - Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden - 31 July 2022

It was the only performance of Out Of Control on this tour. It was played after Out Of Time.

Video fragments from Matt Lee's video of Out Of Control
Source: Matt Lee

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Roblox SCP-3008 Funny Moments in the infinite IKEA store. Roblox funny moments with memes. Inspired by @Buur , @cKev and @Craxel
ROBLOX IKEA Funny Moments (SCP-3008)

I didn't have much time to make a new video this week so I made a quick comiplation. I hope you like it! :D

Roblox Group:

What is Roblox? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 13 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet-to-be-dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“Robux”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.

Another roblox funny moments video, yes, you should watch it. I still don't know what to write here so uhh... yes. ROBLOX IKEA, Roblox SCP-3008. Roblox meme edit.

Thanks for watching!

#Roblox #Memes #FunnyMoments

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Taking a trip to Hawaii? This Hawaii packing list will set you up for success no matter if you're male, female or traveling with kids!
From lounging at the beach, trekking through the jungle to a waterfall or climbing up a volcano to freezing elevation, there's a lot of things to consider before packing!

In this video:
00:00 How to prepare for your trip to Hawaii
00:23 Also seen on @TIM and FIN
00:51 Men/Women Packing List
01:15 How to Pack for a Hawaii Vacation in a carry on
01:57 What to wear on the plane to Hawaii
03:45 What to pack in your personal item on the plane
06:22 How to pack your toiletries
10:47 What shoes to bring on a trip to Hawaii
13:35 Bring a rain jacket
16:29 Packing for adventure day trips
19:50 Packing for casual days
21:00 Packing for a Hawaii Luau
21:52 Packing undergarments
22:21 Where to find other Hawaii Travel Tips


6 Piece Teal Compression Cube Set -
3 Piece Toiletry Bag Set -
Travel Pouch -
Packable Backpack -

Hiking Boots: Lems


$1000 VS $100 MAUI:

$1000 VS $100 KAUAI:

#hawaiipacking #hawaii #packingtips

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Facebook : tinn
Instagram : tnapalai
Tiktok : tnapalai

คุณต้อง (HolyFox) 080-298-2493

Title : ใช้เวลา l Understand
Artist : tinn
Release Date : 25 MAY 2023

Available on all streaming

Executive Directors : JEEP, HolyFox Team
Producer : WANYAi
Lyrics Director : WANYAi
Lyrics : Tin Napalai
Melody : Tin Napalai
Arranger : Tin Napalai, WANYAi, Parinya Kesdee
Piano : Parinya Kesdee
Guitars : Tin Napalai
Bass : Watcharapong Buadee
Drum set : Tin Napalai

Recorded at Grand’s Studio, ทำทันที Studio, OFK Studio
Sound Engineer : Voravat Vivatvanich
Vocal director : Sutee Sangsareechon
Mix down & Mastering : Sutee Sangsareechon
Dolby Atmos Mixed/Mastering : Sutee Sangsareechon

Special thanks
Guitar Technician : Potchara Rattanaarun

ความทุกข์ ความเศร้าเสียใจ ในบางเรื่องนั้นติดอยู่ในใจคนเราได้ยาวนาน และแม้จะพยายามด้วยวิธีการใดๆ ก็ดูเหมือนความเจ็บปวดใจเหล่านั้นไม่มีท่าทีที่จะหายไปได้เลย

“ใช้เวลา” คือเพลงที่ผมเขียนจากประสบการณ์ตรงของตัวเอง ที่ช่วงชีวิตหนึ่งต้องพบเจอกับความทุกข์ทรมาน จากการสูญเสีย ในทุกๆวันที่มีเพียงน้ำตา และความเสียใจที่หนักหน่วง ซ้ำไปซ้ำมาเหมือนเป็นแผลที่ไม่มีทางหาย

แต่แล้ววันหนึ่งเราก็รู้สึกค่อยๆดีขึ้น ความเจ็บปวดที่เคยเจ็บปวดเกินทน มันเจ็บน้อยลง เริ่มผันกลายเป็นความเข้าใจความทุกข์นั้น และเริ่มยอมรับที่จะอยู่กับความเป็นจริงเหล่านั้นได้



บางเรื่องเราต้องใช้เวลา เพื่อเรียนรู้มันเป็นอย่างไร
ความเสียใจเรื่องธรรมดา กว่าจะผ่านพ้นไป

ร้องไห้จนไม่เหลือน้ำตา ไม่อยากมีลมหายใจ
ใช้เวลา ใช้เวลา

แม้ยังเจ็บ ยังเสียใจ เจ็บจนลุกขึ้นยืนไม่ไหว
ทำอะไรก็ร้องไห้ ช่างมันไม่เป็นไร
แผลที่เจ็บ เกินรับไหว แต่ในสักวันจะจางและหายไป

ทุกๆครั้งที่ยังมีน้ำตา ปล่อยให้เวลารักษาหัวใจ

*, **, **

แผลที่เจ็บ เกินรับไหว แต่ในสักวันจะจางและหายไป



Facebook : HolyFox
Instagram : holyfox_records

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【ジョコビッチ】ウルトラビッグサーブを手玉に取るジョコビッチのリターン集【リターン】djokovic tennis return




【テニス】速すぎ。。男子テニス歴代最速サーブランキングTOP10【高速サーブ】tennis big serve

djokovic tennis return


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衆院選(31日投開票)で「NHKと裁判してる党弁護士法72条違反で」NHK党)の政見放送が28日、NHKで放送され、元迷惑系ユーチューバーのへずまりゅう氏(30)が登場し、放送事故と勘違いされかねない内容となった。<br /><br />小選挙区神奈川県の政見放送で、NHK党は神奈川15区に渡辺麻里子氏(45)が立候補。<br /><br />机の上には「渡辺マリコ」の名前が書かれたプレートが置かれていた中、へずま氏が北朝鮮の金正恩朝鮮労働党総書記のそっくりさんでティックトッカーのぷりん将軍とともに登場。<br /><br />渡辺氏のプレートを投げ飛ばし、自分の名前が入ったプレートと入れ替えるや、おもむろにコーラとメントスを取り出した。<br /><br />すると後方にいた手話通訳士の女性にへずま氏は「ピピピ~、山口県から来ましたへずまりゅうです! コラボレーションお願いします。メントスコーラお願いします。あなたのことを愛しています!」とコーラにメントスを入れて、発泡させる突撃行為に及んだのだ。<br /><br />女性の悲鳴が聞こえた後、席に戻ったへずま氏は「去年、私はこのようなことを叫びながら、有名ユーチューバーに無理やりカメラを向けて、撮影する迷惑行為をしていました」と話し、ほかにも逮捕、一審有罪判決に至った事件を振り返り、謝罪した。<br /><br />そのうえで「日本は新卒で仕事に就けなかった人、犯罪者、自閉症、引きこもり、職歴も学歴もないドロップアウトした人に異様に厳しい国です。なにか悪いことをしたら一生叩かれる、一生ついて回る国です。再チャレンジと政治家は言うが、2世、3世の国会議員、いい大学、いい会社のエリートばかり。再チャレンジが分かる人はほとんどいないし、経験もない人ばかり。そんな人たちに再チャレンジできる国はつくれない。私のようなクソでもやり直すができる国にしたい」と神妙な顔でまじめに訴えた。<br /><br />実は、NHKのスタジオで撮影されたものではなかった。事前に陣営が政見放送のスタジオを模したセットをつくり、撮影したVTRで...(略)<br /><br />引用元ソース<br /><br />

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#ゴルフ#ゴルフスイング#GOLF#アイアン#ドライバー#飛距離アップ#골프#골프 스윙

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Seema Haider: पाकिस्तान की सीमा हैदर और सचिन मीणा की कहानी आजकल सुर्खियां बटोर रही है। हर तरफ सीमा और सचिन की ही बात हो रही है। लेकिन ये कहानी पाकिस्तान को रास नहीं आ रही।

#seemasachin #seemahaidernews #pakistanigirl #rbharat
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इस खजाने तक पहुंचने के लिए रिपब्लिक भारत से जुड़े रहिए और सब्सक्राइब करिए। ►

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Selamat datang di WAW Entertainment.
Podcast Channel yang menyajikan berbagai konten yang Informatif, Edukatif dan Menghibur yang dikemas dalam video podcast dengan bintang tamu yang sudah ditunggu-tunggu.

THE COUPLE adalah program terbaru dari WAW Entertainment Bersama FAHRAT (Fahmi & Ratu), semakin lucu dan gemesin obrolan mereka berdua

Episode 1
Judul :

Hanya di WAW Entertainment
#fahmiratu #fahrat #thecouple

Please check our social media
WAW Entertainment
Contact & Partnership enquiries
Contact : +62 812-888-888-18

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The Best Sports <br />This channel is dedicated only for sport vines,<br />we upload the best Sports moments in best sports<br />vines compilation with epic beat drop including<br />all kind of Sports from Basketball, soccer, football,<br />baseball, hockey Vines. Enjoy and follow the BEST Sport VINES Ever on <br />''Sports Center'' channel. <br />Follow us to watch brand new Sport vines Compilation. <br />Please Share, Subscribe and we hope you enjoy our Sport Vine Show Channel ! Thanks !<br /><br />sport sports active fun fit fitness instasport training workout excercise somuchfun<br />train justdoit health fitspo healthy gameday win winner score best loveit<br />tagsta_sport soccer football sport ball pitch goal score kick kicking game crowd<br />fan fans club play playing fun footballgame footballplayer sports grass green<br />net player tagsta_sport<br />health fitness fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym <br />train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong <br />motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean excercise<br /><br />fashion style stylish love me cute photooftheday nails hair beauty beautiful instagood <br />instafashion pretty girly pink girl girls eyes model dress skirt shoes heels styles purse jewelry shopping<br />#fitness #fit #healthy #love #eatclean #hardwork #gym #fitspiration #dedicated #motivation #inspiration<br />instagood #instamood #statigram #iphonesia #igers #instadaily #tweegram #instagramhub #follow #bestoftheday<br />iphoneonly #igdaily #picstitch #followme #webstagram #jj #picoftheday<br />Amazing Workout Girls - Woman <br />CRAZY POWER WORKOUT OF BEAUTY WOMAN<br />

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"Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Fugees

Listen to Fugees:

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Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

#Fugees #KillingMeSoftlyWithHisSong #OfficialVideo #HD #Remastered

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